Top 10 questions to ask before you buy a Used Car

Have you been thinking about getting a Used Car? It's very important that you do your due diligence and ask the right questions in this situation. Forgetting to ask the right, and sometimes hard, questions can unfortunately sometimes lead to very bad outcomes. Don't forget to ask these 10 important questions you must ask in your due diligence process:

Top 10 questions

  • How is the market for that specific type of used car looking? Is it a sellers or buyers market?
  • What are your priorities in this purchase: low as possible price, value for money, resell potential, or getting the exact make- and model you're looking for?
  • How is the general reputation of the brand and model youíre looking for?
  • Have the car had any repairs done during its lifespan?
  • How old are the tires?
  • Have the car had previous owners? If yes, how many?
  • What things arenít working?
  • How did Seller arrive at the asking price?
  • How long has the car been on the market?
  • Who did you buy the vehicle from?

...91 more questions to ask

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Top 10 questions to ask before you buy a Used Car