Investing in a Movie: Important Team and Founders questions

Are you looking to invest in a Movie? It's a big decision, so be sure that you are asking the right questions. If it's a new area you don't have experience with, it can be difficult to remember or know all the questions to ask. We have compiled a list of some of the most important Team and Founders questions you need to ask in the process before investing in a Movie

Team and Founders questions

  • Who is the core team (Founders) behind the production?
  • What experience does the team have to make this a successful movie?
  • Does the team rely on any strategic partners, talent, or experience around them?
  • Has the team worked together on other movies?
  • What qualifications does the team lack that potentially could jeopardize a successful production?
  • What role does each member of the team have?
  • Does the team have any conflict of interest in making this movie?
  • Does the team own part of the third-party vendors used in the production of the movie?
  • Who is the most important - to the successful production fo the movie - member of the team?
  • What will happen if the team has a falling out during the production and cant work together?

...91 more questions to ask

If you want more relevant questions to ask for you should consider downloading the 101 questions to ask before investing in a movie checklist.

Investing in a Movie: Important Team and Founders questions