Investing in a Movie: 10 important Distribution questions

Are you looking to invest in a Movie? Doing your due diligence can prove to be a very well spent amount of time, as this is a big decision. If it's a new area you've haven't dealt with before, it can be difficult to think of all the questions to ask. We have compiled a list of some of the most important Distribution questions you need to ask in the process before investing in a Movie

Distribution questions

  • Will the film is played in movie theaters?
  • What is the distribution plan (go to market strategy) for the movie?
  • Have any distribution deals been made already?
  • Will you be relying on the same distribution network and strategy as previous movies made?
  • Are there any limitations that might restrict distribution in certain countries or channels (content, political message, etc.)?
  • Who are expected to be the biggest and most significant distribution partners?
  • Who is in charge of establishing distribution partnerships?
  • Are there any specific distribution partners to avoid working with?
  • Are there any kickbacks or fees that need to be paid to intermediaries or agencies for setting up distribution deals?
  • Who is managing proper payment and settlement from each distribution partner?

...91 more questions to ask

If you need more inspiration for relevant questions to ask for this specific situation you should consider downloading the 101 questions to ask before investing in a movie checklist.

Investing in a Movie: 10 important Distribution questions