16 good scenario questions for Hiring a Bodyguard

Are you looking to start Hiring a Bodyguard? The time you take doing due diligence can help you avoid getting the wrong individuals. If it's an unknown area that you don't have much experience with, it can be difficult to imagine all the questions to ask. Below are 16 good questions to ask for this situation.

Scenarios questions

  • You are at a festival or carnival with your client and there is a lot of people around. Can you distinguish a possible attacker from a group of people?
  • Your client is at a meeting. How long can you stay waiting and standing making sure that your clients are protected?
  • Your client is engaged in a heated argument. When do you consider that a threat is existing?
  • An Attacker is dashing toward your client and has a weapon, how do you prioritize when protecting your clients?
  • Your client is being attacked. When do you think it is needed to call the police during a threat?
  • If your client is getting paranoid, how do you pacify and make them feel secured?
  • You are tasked to be on 24 hours straight duty, do you ever get bored? How do you deal with it?
  • You have been requested to accompany your client out of the country. How do you deal with events or duties away from home? Do you get homesickness?
  • -How do you deal with events or duties away from home?
  • -Do you get homesickness?
  • Your client is drunk and is about to get in a fight. What do you do?
  • A person, clearly agitated and shouting, is walking up to your Client. What do you do?
  • The convoy your driving is attracting fire. What do you do?
  • You're entering a restaurant with your client. What do you do?
  • Your client is asking you to do tasks that are outside your normal duties. What do you do?
  • You receive a call that a close family member is urgently sick, but your on an assignment. What do you do?

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16 good scenario questions for Hiring a Bodyguard