Various questions to ask when hiring a bodyguard

If you are about to hire a bodyguard, don't forget to ask these 11 questions. They might not be the questions at the top of your lists, but nevertheless, they are important to ask in the hiring process.

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  • Are you well connected to security groups in the community?
  • Is there any task you may not be able to perform based on your religious, or cultural preference?
  • Can you describe how your previous clients were treating you?
  • What makes you stand out compared to other bodyguards?
  • Did you get into any accidents that got your employment terminated?
  • Do you work well alone or with a team?
  • How can you decide if you needed to use a weapon?
  • Did you ever consider changing into a different job? If yes, which job and why?
  • Do you consider race and culture effective in determining threats?
  • Do you observe body language and facial expression in looking for threat and "possible attacker"
  • Are you okay extending your services to the family members of your client?

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Various questions to ask when hiring a bodyguard