Hiring a Bodyguard: 10 important questions to ask

Are you hiring a bodyguard? Then don't forget to ask these important questions before your proceed:

General Questions questions

  • Do you like working as a bodyguard? why?
  • What capabilities do you have to work with us as a bodyguard?
  • In your own opinion, what are the essentials duties and responsibilities as a bodyguard?
  • Personally, how do you describe your working style?
  • What task you do not like being a bodyguard?
  • How do you see yourself develop in future years being a bodyguard?
  • Can you tell us more about yourself and why do you think you will be successful in this position?
  • What have you learned from mistakes in your previous employer?
  • How do you see a typical work week in this position?
  • Why should we hire you for this position?

...53 more questions to ask

If you need more inspiration for relevant questions to ask, when going hiring a Bodyguard you should consider downloading the 63 questions to ask when interviewing a bodyguard candidate white paper.

Hiring a Bodyguard: 10 important questions to ask