19 important questions to ask about the roof when buying a house

Are you thinking about buying a House? The time you spend doing due diligence can help you avoid financial losses. If it's a new area you've haven't dealt with before, it can be difficult to think of all the questions to ask. Below are 19 good questions to ask for this situation:

Roof questions

  • Are there any immediate fixes and repairs required?
  • How long are there until the roof needs a major overhaul?
  • Hold old is the roof?
  • Is there any history of damages?
  • What roofing contractor has the seller been using?
  • How do you access the roof?
  • If the roof was recently repaired or replaced, how much did it cost?
  • If there is a chimney, have there ever been any crickets or other pests?
  • Have there been any leaks in the roof?
  • If there are any skylights, how old are they?
  • Does the roof have any low pitch areas (where rainwater moves more slowly)?
  • Have any structural changes been made to the roof?
  • Have there been any wintertime ice or snow issues?
  • Is the roof energy efficient?
  • Are there any trees or plantations that can cause potential damage to the roof?
  • Are there any cracked or broken tiles?
  • Are there ceiling replacement seams?
  • Is there any loss of granulation?
  • Any curled, cupped, or warped shingles?

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19 important questions to ask about the roof when buying a house