12 garage related questions to ask before buying a home

Are you thinking about purchasing a House? The time you take doing your due diligence can help you avoid financial losses. If it's an unknown area you've haven't dealt with before, it can be difficult to think of all the questions to ask. Below are 12 good questions to ask about the garage.

Garage questions

  • How many electrical outlets are there?
  • Are there any installations/options to charge cars?
  • Is the garage port working properly?
  • Is the garage port properly secured?
  • Is there a service history of the garage port?
  • Who has been servicing the garage port?
  • What has the garage typically been used for?
  • How warm or cold does it get in the garage during summer and winter?
  • Does storage equipment (shelvings etc.) come with the house?
  • Is there any drainage in the garage?
  • What brand and model is the garage port?
  • How old is the garage port?

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12 garage related questions to ask before buying a home