Questions to ask about the foundation when buying a house

Thinking about buying a House? Many forget to ask the right due diligence questions in such a situation. Being humans, it can be easy to forget those otherwise very important questions to ask. We have compiled a list of 13 questions regarding the foundation specifically for you to ask.

Foundation questions

  • Are there any visible exterior cracks?
  • Are there any uneven or cracks in the driveway or sidewalks?
  • Is there drainage exits not pointed away from the house?
  • Does the yard slope toward the house?
  • Are there any large trees with roots close to the foundations?
  • Are there any cracks in the walls (both inside and outside)?
  • Are any of the floors not visibly level?
  • Are the windows square?
  • Are there any issues with doors jamming or not latching?
  • Are there any gaps when the doors are closed?
  • Is the foundation connected to the houses nearby?
  • How old is the foundation?
  • Have there ever been any repairs to the foundation?

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Questions to ask about the foundation when buying a house